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Sabrina Kaufman acted superbly as our real estate agent this past winter/spring.

In the process of finding the right home for us, she was insightful, intelligent, resourceful, and flexible. She listened to us carefully and adjusted her own tastes and preferences to our requirements. She was a helpful adviser without being unduly aggressive or overbearing. She interacted comfortably and diplomatically with the other agents and potential sellers. As a result, she facilitated our search. She helped us arrive at what we were looking for efficiently and with precision.

Sabrina geared her activities on our behalf to suit our needs. She arranged appointments at convenient times for us. She sent us numerous copies of listings but did not waste our time with material which did not fit our requirements. Sabrina struck the right balance between acting as our consultant and letting us make up our own minds. She was always there when we needed her.

Sabrina fundamentally understood the real estate market and its direction. She had a real sensitivity for real estate values and the worth of homes as investments as well as residences. She used her business background to assist us in assessing the merits of each potential purchase.

When we found the property we wanted, Sabrina proved to be an effective negotiator. She prepared and presented the offer to purchase quickly and arranged for us to actively pursue our desired home with dispatch. At the moment of truth, we were competing with another set of potential buyers. Sabrina handled the situation perfectly. She was the catalyst in securing our purchase without our overpaying.

On the whole, Sabrina was a pleasure to deal with. Her effectiveness as a real estate agent led us to the successful conclusion of our purchase. We are pleased to recommend Sabrina to other buyers and sellers of real estate. Sabrina is an excellent agent.

- Myrna Stein

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