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Sabrina is smart, has great work ethic, always on top of things, accessible, and is enjoyable to work with.

In the market conditions we experienced when buying, working with Sabrina made all the difference. We bought into a very fast-paced and competitive market.

Sabrina understood exactly what we were looking for. She spotted the house as soon as it was listed and recognizing the potential for a bidding war, got us in first. We were first to see the house, and after that she worked very hard to get our offer in before any others, within hours. Sabrina used speed, strategy, and some great negotiation skills to narrowly avoid a bidding war. Our offer was accepted.

The others who were planning to make offers that day could not understand what happened. But it was very simple: we got our house not by having the best offer, but by having the best agent. We’re fairly sure Sabrina saved us tens of thousands of dollars that day. Following the home inspection, Sabrina successfully re-negotiated the price to reflect some of the findings, adding to our savings.

We definitely recommend Sabrina to anyone buying or selling.

- Peter & Anita Schretlen

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