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Sabrina Kaufman is an exceptional realtor.

My husband and I were looking to sell our home and when she met with us, she was very prepared and presented us with facts and figures that were relevant and important for the sale of our property. Too often people spend so little time evaluating the financial aspect of the sale and purchase of a home. We wanted to examine the numbers very closely and she was always one step ahead of us when it came this. Once we agreed to work together, everything came together seamlessly. Sabrina and her team were proactive and available for all of the details of preparing a house for sale.

Sabrina is not an agent who looks to gain a listing by telling you what you want to hear. She is honest and knowledgeable and we trusted her advice. She was so adept at handling all of the scenarios of putting together a “deal” that was complete , and that we would be happy with.

After our sale, we then set out to buy a property. We say with confidence that the same care and attention to details were taken, allowing us to feel that we had made a well thought through decision.

We would highly recommend The Sabrina Kaufman team!

- Myles and Kelly Zyblock

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