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I was referred by a Canadian I met in Finland. Marc helped me figure out my price range, and what that would get. He quickly figured out what I wanted in a house and on one visit showed me a bunch of houses I’d have loved to buy – unfortunately my money hadn’t arrived. Marc was patient with me and took me out again once I had my downpayment ready. He has a sense of humor and restraint for when things went wrong. When the right house for me was being listed, he got me just in time, we saw it and he did the offer paperwork with me the next day, even going the extra mile by taking me to the airport for my trip. He did the negotiations for me while I was out of the country, and got me a shorter closing than usual – saving me from needing an interim location. Marc arranged for me to work with a mortgage broker who talked me through the financing options and found me a very good rate for a long term mortgage. As well as a lawyer to work through my closing which wasn’t simple (being a foreigner without ID acceptable to my lender’s insurer – even though we had asked for confirmation in advance – makes things painful; and their instructions for my insurance were wrong – the lawyer got the bank to waive fixing that for closing).

- Josh Soref

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