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My wife and I were moving back to Toronto after living overseas for a number of years. With a baby on the way, we were under considerable pressure to find a place to call home. Our timeline was tight, and we were well aware of the current market and how competitive it was to find a great house at a price that we could afford.

We began speaking to Sabrina even before we made the move back. She was great to talk to; she listened to what we wanted, informed us on house availability, and had all the pieces in place to hit the ground running when we finally moved. We were very anxious on whether our expectations were realistic and if it would be possible to find a house in our desired location, within the time period we had. In that regard we were very impressed with the amount of work Sabrina put into finding our home.

Sabrina was incredibly honest during our numerous site visits, pointing out the good and the bad when it came to each property. We found her balanced and appreciated her insights. Most importantly, it was very apparent she took great personal pride in her work; she wasn’t just looking to find us a home. Rather, she was dedicated to finding us the perfect home.

And that she did. Her innovation, attention to detail, proactivity and business acumen were a huge benefit to us and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

Sabrina was able to make the impossible, possible, and for that reason I would recommend Sabrina to anyone looking to buy or sell.

- Adam & Lindy Kramer

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