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It is with great pleasure that I express my gratitude and high regard for Sabrina Kaufman. We enlisted her help after she worked with my brother’s family to get a home that was perfect for their needs. His glowing recommendation gave us the confidence we needed as first time homebuyers and Sabrina did not let us down!

Sabrina is extremely well informed about the markets and remains enthusiastically active. Her understanding of our needs went way beyond the house itself. She was the one to point out advantages and disadvantages that would have impacted our lifestyles in ways that we did not foresee. She was sensitive to our financial concerns and never pushed us beyond our limits.

Sabrina was always sincere, honest and transparent. Her word was always something we could count on. What’s more, she is a calm, confident and effective negotiator who works well with all agents.

Being first time buyers, we appreciated Sabrina’s patience when we worked through ambivalence at times. Her manner is containing, thorough and informative. We simply loved working with her! We look forward to inviting her to the dream home that could never have been ours without her!

Thank you Sabrina!!!

- Joanna Reiner and Douglas Horn

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