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Within hours of listing my home through Sabrina Kaufman, I received, and ultimately accepted, an amazing offer. Yes, in today’s market. Hence, my delight in writing a reference letter on Sabrina’s behalf.

In truth, I chose to have Sabrina represent both my buying and selling interests solely based on her refreshing earnestness and blatant enthusiasm.

However, I quickly discovered that she also possesses a strong business sense, superior advocacy skills and a wealth of knowledge which included a thorough understanding of my own neighbourhood’s uniqueness, and how that would likely play out in the market.

Her skill set is further enhanced by an in depth knowledge of related resources in my community. She has been able to recommend, often first hand, services ranging from contractors, interior designers, landscapers, to locksmiths. All of whom, thus far, have proved exceptional.

Upon solicitation, and after careful consideration, Sabrina will offer a well informed opinion. She advises based on her own comprehensive analysis, and when appropriate, in consultation with her associates on the Slavens team.

Both properties have now closed, but thankfully, Sabrina has continued, to provide on going follow up and support, and remains a tremendous advocate throughout the issues that inevitably arise throughout these processes.

Perhaps the ultimate compliment I could give to the quality of service Sabrina provides, is the fact that I have already recommended her to four of my friends.

- Janet Procter

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